Foundation Pro Scientia Publica (Poland) has been operating since 2010 in the field of adult education, promoting several initiatives with a focus on elderly citizens and their social inclusion. Our staff (10 people, mostly adult education trainers) is experienced in teaching adult and elderly people and we are providing workshops and seminars regarding:

  • techniques and methods of teaching senior students
  • autobiography method in elderly people learning
  • edutainment
  • mind training
  • development of key competencies of seniors’
  • memory training

Our beneficiaries are people aged 65+ and trainers from other organizations in the region of Lower Silesia.

Established in 2011, Kairos Europe is a London based organisation promoting international education and training. We are dedicated to implementing programmes fostering cooperation and intercultural exchanges between European countries.

Our mission is to provide quality training opportunities for learners of all ages, to help build on their skills and knowledge, nurturing positive life changes as well as improving career prospects.

We have contributed to the promotion and implementation of several international projects within the framework of established
European Programmes.

Our main areas of expertise are: Training for professionals in the education sector under the KA1 Staff Mobility: these courses focus on languages, digital classrooms, new teaching methodologies; welcoming and organising high standard work experience in London; English Courses, through partnerships with numerous UK based language schools, and Consulting on European Programmes funding procedures.

MRU is an international social science university, which enrols approximately 9.000 students and employs over 700 academic staff.
The university offers more than 100 doctoral, master and bachelor study programmes, over 80% of them have international accreditation. MRU is structured within the Faculty of Economics and Finance Management, Faculty of Politics and Management, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Public Security and Business, Business and Media School, Institute of Educational Sciences and Social Work, Institute of Humanities, Institute of Psychology. Research and innovation is implemented at the Social Innovations Laboratory Network MRU LAB that includes 16 laboratories and Research and Innovation Support Centre.

The University of Ss Cyril and Methodius (UCM) is one of two public universities with its seat in the city of Trnava, but its active educational and research impact and reach is well beyond the region of western Slovakia. During its existence, UCM has developed into a modern and dynamic university with educational-research centres, equipped with modern information and communication systems. The educational and research focus of the university is aimed at the area of social, economic, health, natural sciences, humanities, pedagogical and historical sciences.